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So if you have a crappy laundry system which consists of grabbing your clean work clothes from the basket and tossing them in a pile on your desk, and unbeknownst to you there is a red pen lying on the desk, and one week a grey shirt lands on said pen and ends up with two dark red splotches of ink on it, each about two centimeters in diameter, what exactly does one due to eliminate the spots as much as possible? Keep in mind that the ink has probably been soaking in for several days. I'm probably just fucked, aren't i?

I tried blotting at it with dry paper towels, which got lots of pink spots on the towels but didn't change the appearance of the spots on the shirt much. I have some vague idea that maybe i should soak it in cold water with some detergent in it? Or is it cold water that fixes stains and hot water i should be using? I could go out and get some of that color guard bleach stuff (how does it know which color to guard though? =P) or, i don't know. Luckily the spots are close to the bottom edge and might actually be under or mostly under my pants when i'm wearing it. If so and worst comes to worst i may give up and just bleach the hell out of those two spots, on the theory that a severely faded spot will stand out less than a bright red spot.

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