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Blech. I really need to find a cute girl with a fetish for sweaty boys and take her along with me to Wumpskate =P

Got there about 9:05 or 9:10, stayed till closing at 1 again. Yay! It seems it takes about 30 minutes of moderate blading before i start getting really out of breath and critically thirsty. Usually if i manage to hurt myself at wumpskate it's my right knee getting sore, but this time i managed to strain something in me left upper inner thigh about halfway through the night. (Which needless to say is a rather interesting location to try and massage in public.) I found out that one of the options for Doomie tacos is vegan so i tried one of those in addition to some of the usual beef and chicken ones and it was pretty good. They taste about as good as the other kinds but without the... texture difficulties =P While waiting in line for the tacos i got to talk to a cute girl! She was trying to recruit people for Friday Night Skate, which sounds pretty cool and i might try going the next week that that they're doing it in Santa Monica if i've gotten my other pair of rollerblades fixed by that point.

Speaking of which, guess who got some rollerblade parts in the mail!? :)

This does a bit to redeem K2. When i called them up they said they required their vendors to provide support for their products, so i'm not sure if i should be annoyed with them or Sports Chalet for not being able to get them fixed when they first broke, but the person i spoke to sent me the extra parts free of charge and they got here fairly quickly. Of course that makes me wonder why the local roller skate repair place says they haven't gotten any shipments from K2 in months. Now that i've got the parts myself though i can take them in there and hopefully get them fixed for not too much.

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