DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I am the dum

I got about two hours of sleep monday night, then got home about 4:30 in the afternoon tuesday after work. The smart thing to do would be catch up on sleep, right?

Well i did try to take a nap around 6:30 after the video game radio show was over. And by "tried to take a nap" i mean i went and lay down in bed and read some of David Weber's "Field of Dishonor" while waiting to get tired and fall asleep. ...except i didn't get tired. After about hour or so i told myself i should put the book down and go to sleep, and that lasted for about five minutes before i started reading again =P

I did this repeatedly over the course of several hours. "I don't really need a nap, i can just get ten or so hours of sleep in one large chunk." "Nine hours would still be pretty good." "Well even if i only got two hours last night getting a full eight hours tonight out to be fine." "Well i'm almost done with the book anyways..."

I ended up finishing the book and getting to sleep about 12:30. And then i spontaneously woke up around 7:15, about fifteen minutes before my alarm was going to go off.

I also ended up snacking on lots of random crap since i didn't have a real dinner. All together i think i ate about four (or maybe five? =/ ) low-fat ice cream bars (150-160 calories each) about two handfulls of salt & vinegar chips, a can of mandarin oranges and four slices of cheese. Actually i pretty frequently don't have a real dinner, but only sometimes go hyperactive on the snacking, don't really know why =P

And since i mentioned it, "Field of Dishonor" was pretty good. Pretty much no military stuff in this one and lots of politics and intrigue and such, which is not a trade-off i mind at all. I'm definitely in the series more for Honor and her cat than for the made up military stuff :) (You know, phrasing it that way makes David Weber (at least in this series) sound like a military-focused Mercedes Lackey or Anne McCaffrey...) Certain parts of the story were rather depressing though =/
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