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Something for everyone

Hey nonseqmenagerie! Guess who's going to be at DragonCon? Voltaire!

Hey coraa! Guess who's going to be at DragonCon? Emerald Rose!

I got a little "progress report" flier in the mail and was flipping through it idly. "Cruxshadows" and "The Goodies" are also going to be there if anyone knows who they are, i don't really.

Hmm, i should check on how badges are supposed to work. I remember getting some kind of confirmation that they'd gotten my check and such, but i don't _think_ it came with a badge. I have no idea if i should be expecting it in the mail soon (or if it might already have shown up and i didn't notice, eep!) Or if we're supposed to get them there at registration. Unless akiko or kirinn happen to know offhand?

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