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I managed to summon Dreamline at the Rush concert :) They were wrapping up the second to last song of the first half when i suddenly thought it would be really nice if they'd play Dreamline, which is probably my perennial favorite Rush song since it was also the very first Rush song i ever heard and what got me into them originally.

Sithjawa and i were running a little late getting there unfortunately. We'd originally planned to get food in the area after we got there, but the traffic was messed up enough and it was close enough to the time printed on the tickets that we decided not to try and get out of it to stop at the places across the street and then merge our way back in. However since people were still arriving in a constant stream we decided to try walking across the street to get food. Unfortunately we didn't time it quite right and they actually started before we got back, so we got to listen to their first two songs for the last part of the walk and while getting through the ticket line.

Once we got in and got "seated" the concert was awesome of course. There was someone two rows in front of us who was smoking a lot, but thankfully after awhile he switched to what i was told was pot (personally i can't tell the difference between pot and cloves) but whatever it was it was a lot less noxious than normal cigarettes.

Unfortunately i have a tough time remembering exactly which songs they played. I really look forward to the day where people have personal recorders running all the time, though the **AA will have a fit about it of course. Other than Dreamline i know they played Mission, Freewill, Circumstances, Subdivisions, i believe one of the "Fear" songs though i'm not sure which part (though i'm leaning towards Witch Hunt,) The Spirit of Radio, Between the Wheels, and One Little Victory.

Of course they also did a lot of song from "Snakes & Arrows." They started with The Main Monkey Business (shamiksan would probably have appreciated the video they had playing during that one =) and then in some order i can't remember and scattered through the rest of the evening played Armor and Sword, Workin' Them Angels, Far Cry (yay!) The Largest Bowl, The Way the Wind Blows, and Malignant Narcissism, which is when they worked in Peart's drum solo. I don't remember how they did it last time, but twice during the solo he paused while they spun the drum set around and he spun around to use a new set of drums. The starting set was pretty normal, then he had a weird kind of... somewhat electronically sounding set? Some of the drums had a very particular sound to them that i can't quite name, but it all sounded really cool.

I can't remember exactly what they did for the encore, but i think that may be when they played Tom Sawyer (with a silly little South Park intro video, where they're playing the music but Cartman(?) is singing about Tom Sawyer building a raft and going down the river and heated debate about the lyrics ensues) i think it may also have included Passage to Bangkok and i know the last one they played was YYZ, which sithjawa had predicted they would due to the whole Guitar Hero thing :) There may have been a fourth song in there as well, but i can't remember which it would have been.

So after that we headed out, we pondered stopping by the merchandise stand however there was a moderate line there, so we decided we could get stuff from later just as easily. While working through the crowds of people on the way the parking lot i contemplated that perhaps we wouldn't have lost any time by getting stuff at the stand and leaving a little later when the traffic had thinned down, but it was actually surprisingly easy to get out of the place. There were a lot of cars but they were all flowing fairly smoothly.

We stopped at the Burger King drive through on the way to the freeway to get some drinks and then drove back to Long Beach where i dropped sithjawa off at her car and then headed home. I got back about 12:45 and went to bed pretty shortly thereafter.

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