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Oh yes, in my haste to get through HP7 i forgot to mention that when i got home last night i had a package waiting for me. My new phone!

It is pretty, and shiny, and hopefully it can even make phone calls! :)

Getting it activated was fun, i had to call in to do it and when i tried to do so yesterday evening i found that their automatic message thingy took my phone number and then forwarded me to a human operator, who wasn't there because it was 11:30 pm of course =P So i tried again this morning and actually got a real person, and the first thing he did was ask for my phone number. So the little robotic answering machine that talked to me first seems to have absolutely no purpose at all =P The operator person said if i wanted to activate it over the phone i'd need to call from a phone that wasn't associated with the number in question and seemed slightly surprised when i told him i had no other phones i could use. A victim of their own success much? :) So instead he told me the procedure for activating it myself which was pretty simple and it should now be functioning properly, though i haven't done anything with it other than check voicemail.

I was somewhat amused when i was first looking at the phone and trying to figure out how to plug in the charger. The plug looks like a mini-USB plug (and in fact there is a USB to mini-USB plug that works with this phone that i could get if i decide i'm interested in messing around with the files) although it's a much closer to scale sizing down than the mini-USB plugs on the Sansa mp3 players i've got. After looking around the phone i found a narrow rectangular cover and when i pried it off i found a narrow rectangular hole that might fit the plug. So i tried shoving the plug in and it kinda fit. I decided that before trying to force the issue perhaps i ought to take a look at the manual and double check that i was doing the right thing. The manuals instructions for using the charger were, with perhaps a couple words of variation "take the round plug on the charger and plug it into the phone." No pictures or diagrams or anything else to illuminate that cryptic advice that seems to apply to a phone entirely different from my own. So i took the rectangular plug and jammed it into the phone and plugged the charger in and it seems to have worked :)

My only actual annoyance about the phone also involves the charger. Back in the day someone came up with the idea of arranging wall plugs in horizontal rows. When they invented power strips the same horizontal alignment was kept. This worked fine until electronic devices started coming with power converters (or whatever those are) attached, usually as part of the wall plug end, usually extending down from the plug part a good inch or three. Now in order to plug these things in you either need to use the one socket at the bottom of the row or sacrifice two or three sockets underneath the converter.

Then the power strip manufacturers got the brilliant idea of making the rows horizontal, so the power converter bits wouldn't be covering up other sockets. Those people with lots of those kinds of devices then bought lots of these cool power strips. Then LG came up with the idea of changing the shape of the power converter part so that it now extends sideways from the plug. Great for a wall socket, not so great for a horizontally arranged power strip, which describes every convenient free socket i've got =P Good idea in theory guys, really bad timing in practice, like by a couple decades =P

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