DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

OMG! Voldemort is Harry's father and Hermoine is his sister!!!


Wait, wait, when did Lupin and Tonks die? I mean, obviously it was during the big battle when people were dying right and left, but somehow i missed the exact moment and was a little surprised, though not exactly shocked, when Lupin was among those summoned back from the dead. I'd long since become inured to the whole OMG! a character just died! thing, though not even noticing the event as it occurred may have been taking that a bit too far :) I flipped back through the pages and found a reference to Tonk wanting to find him and being told her was in a duel with Dolohov (you bad person you! ;) but that was it.

Whose kid was Victorie supposed to be? One of the Weasleys clearly, but which? I wonder who Draco married? And did it mention what jobs anyone had except for Neville? I seem to remember lots of people theorizing the Harry would become the Defense Against the Dark Arts Prof, but that at least doesn't seem to have been the case. The whole addendum chapter seemed a little silly and weak to me. And it's probably causing some kind of shipper armageddon amongst the fandom even as i type :)

I remember that at the end of whichever book had the prophecy that i thought Neville was probably going to play a key role in the defeat of Voldemort despite the fact that he wasn't the one who was singled out by Voldemort. However i didn't remember that, or even that the prophecy could have been about him, or really anything about the prophecy at all, until Neville actually sliced the head off the snake, at which point some part of my brain said "ha! told you so!" and the rest of my brain went "huh? told who what?" and everything paused a second while i sorted that out.

Oh yeah, and when whoever it was got their ear blasted off by Snape i started leaning towards the "he's a good guy" theory again. I did figure that Dumbledore had planned to have Snape kill him if that was the case, but i'm not sure what i think of the whole "well he was going to die in a year anyways" thing. And the Snape being obsessed with Lily thing wasn't supposed to be a shock was it? Didn't we get told about that a book or two ago at least? Or was i reading more into vague hints than i was supposed to be?

The end when it came was rather... sudden. Especially the cheering hordes immediately thereafter. At least adding a sentence or two _before_ everyone starts celebrating about the whole enemy army that was cohabiting the area with them fleeing in panic would have been nice. I did have a moment of "that's _it_??!?"

I kept getting very confused about the number of Horcruxes they needed to hunt down. I mean, i knew it was seven, but i kept getting confused about whether his first body counted as one, or if his second did, and for awhile was sure that they needed to find _two_ more after the goblet, not counting the snake.

I'm sure i'll come up with some more thoughts later, especially after reading everyone else's posts, but that's it for now.


Oh yeah, and there must have been some dialogue about Dumbledore and Malfoy and wands right before Dumbledore got killed to explain the Elder wand choosing him, right? I have a vague sense there might have been, but i'm not sure if that's a real half-memory or my brain struggling to make it make sense.

And you know, it's kind of funny how the best wand ever that's supposed to make you undefeatable in a duel keeps getting passed around by the owner getting defeated in duels... Especially in cases like Dumbledore and his erstwhile friend, when the two of them were supposed to be very evenly matched before the uber-wand was taken into account.
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