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Went and got dinner at Vince's yesterday with ceph and theinated and jmpava and coraa and thumbie, then we went to the mall to meet up with shamiksan and see Ratatouille. Rattatoullie. Ratatoullie. The Pixar cooking rat movie., the Pixar movie about a rat who cooks.

ANYWAYS, went to see movie. The short version is that i thought it was pretty good. I'm not sure if i think it was quite as good as everyone else seems to think, but oh well. The animation was certainly more realistic, but that doesn't count for a great deal in my book in the long run. The girl was certainly very cute, but that seems like an unfair basis on which to judge the movie :)

Adventures in Harry Potter lines that resulted in no books being purchased
The movie started at 9:55 so after previews and credits and such were done (wow Pixar is generous with their credits) it was about 12:05. So someone had the bright idea that we should go check out the Barnes & Noble to see if we could grab copies of the Harry Potter book. Good idea, bad execution, mainly on Barnes & Noble's part. We got there and there was a huge mob of people, which wasn't toooo surprising. We wandered around for a bit and found an end of a line and figured we'd wait a little bit to see how quickly things progressed. Some of the other members of our party decided to go scout however and found that there were several lines all leading into a large mass of people outside the doors, out of which people seemed to be being let into the store in small groups.

Then we heard from the gossip of the people around us that there was a table somewhere where you were supposed to get (presumably numbered) wristbands which determined when you got to go in, and there were people with colored balloons standing around that i guess that people with the matching colored wristbands were supposed to line up behind, or something. And there was no clear indication to people just showing up that this was the case, there were other people in the line with us as well who didn't have wristbands and didn't seem to know what they were doing either.

At this point we decided that we didn't want to go find this mysterious table, possibly wait in line to get the wristbands so we could wait in line to join a mob that would eventually lead to probably another line. So we all headed off and i dropped ceph and theinated off at their place and went back home.

Chapter 2, in which our hero is an idiot about getting sleep :)

I stayed up for maybe two hours after that poking at the net and then went to bed. Except once in bed i decided to play "just a little bit" of Chocobo Tales on the DS. So i finished the minigame i was on, then finished another one, then went and did a card battle since i had some new cards, then did another card battle, and hey as long as i'm in this area there's another minigame i could do... I think i actually ended up getting to sleep about 5. Then i got up at 7 for a very silly reason and spent two or three hours poking at the net and i think playing a little more Chocobo Tales. ...Except that doesn't work cause i remember being awake at noon i thought, was that when i got woken up by the telemarketer? Or did i stay up later that second time and not get back to sleep till noon and then get woken up by the telemarketer later? Anyways, i got some amount of sleep that was probably more than four hours but certainly less than 8 and in several disjoint chunks, and finally got up for good at about 2:30 or 3.

More media player ponderings, plus they make _what_ sized HDs now?
So i started thinking that maybe i ought to do some of the chore-like things i was thinking of for the weekend. About 4:30 or 4:45 i headed out of the apartment and went to Costco for lunch. Or dinner, or whatever. Then i went inside to look at their electronics stuff.

Wow, i know that technology keeps on advancing and all, but did you know that you can now get a terabyte sized external hard drive for $350 now? I sure didn't. Unfortunately what they didn't have is any of the media players i was thinking of getting. So then i went by Circuit City. They had a display with lots of media players out, including the Creative Zen ones i was interested in, but those display models weren't working, when i asked they said that Creative had never sent them the right power adapters for them. (Huh?)

I played around with the iPod interface a little, which seems nifty but not $150 extra of nifty. Especially when you consider that it doesn't play some key formats. I've been looking at the wiki Comparison of Portable Media Players page and it seems that if i want something that will play all the stuff i want without having to convert files between codecs it will have to be the GP2X (which seems like rather more work than i want to put into this) the iRiver clix, or the Creative Zen Vision: M or W.

The iPod also feels denser than the Zen, though it probably weighs less, and it has a better color scheme (for some reason Creative decided to color the back of the Zen white, bah.) Other than that it's hard to make many more comparisons without a working model.

So after looking at those for a bit i asked where they had their PDAs, and they said they didn't carry them anymore. He said they'd sent them all back a couple months ago, and that Best Buy wasn't carrying them anymore either. Bah. So after that i went to Best Buy and they had the exact same problem with the Creative Zen. At least they had a display model sitting out that i couldn't get to turn on and when i asked a sales person about it they said it didn't work though they failed to clarify why. It turned out that they actually did still have the PDAs though. In their boxes. Burried under a pile of boxes of other products. In a locked cabinet. In the employee area. With a sign on it saying "Beware of the leopard." Okay, maybe not that last one. No display copies though, so really not much good.

After doing a little more research though it seems that the Z22 does not have an expansion slot, so the 20 megs of available memory are it. That's not too bad since all i'd want to put on it are text files. However from reading some of the forums it seems that reading text files you put on it is pretty easy, it's unclear how well editing them works. If i'd have to upgrade to the $200 version just to get decent text editing i'd seriously consider dropping the idea of the media player. The $200 would have some video playing capability, but it would be with very limited formats and more importantly it wouldn't have a TV out, which is why i've been seriously considering the idea. If i get the right portable media player i can just dump stuff on it and then play it on a TV, therefore skipping that whole having to buy DVD-Rs and figuring out how to burn them thing.

Anyways i stopped by Office Max really quickly after that since they were right next door, the had the Z22s in stock but none of the more advanced ones and no display models. Bah. So then i came home.

Now i'm contemplating if maybe i should go to bed early. I'm thinking of getting the new Harry Potter book tomorrow, but they're also doing Cyberpunk night tomorrow at Malediction. Maybe if i get lots of sleep tonight i could go to Malediction tomorrow _and_ stay up all night reading Harry Potter... :)
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