DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I put a bandaid on the bite thing on my arm last night since it was still oozing. Of course since the bite is on the furry part of my arm removing it later is going to be rather painful =P

This morning it was actually oozing through the bandaid a little but it seems to have stopped and dried out by now. So now instead of picking at the bite(s) i now pick at the bandaid =P Rubbing at it, prying at the edges, pulling at the hairs stuck under it, etc. And when i'm not paying attention i keep getting weird sensations when i semi-subconsciously notice i've got this thing stuck to my arm. Half the time i think "why do i have a hair band around my wrist?" which results in me absentmindedly trying to move it and failing, and the other half of the time i think "how did my bracelet get so far up my arm? I should slide it down..." which results in me absentmindedly trying to move it and failing, despite the fact that it's entirely the wrong arm for that.
Tags: random

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