DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

So i went by a Sprint store and got my list of phone numbers printed out, yay! Since my phone spent about 45-60 minutes in the queue i spent the time looking around at the phones and asking people about stuff. They said i did qualify for the standard $150 rebate if i recommit for another two years. (I damn well better!) When i said i wanted a phone that could transfer data back and forth with my computer they claimed i'd want to get one of the Windows OS ones. Makes sense, but bleh =P There _are_ phones with touchscreen keyboards, but all of those have the physical keyboards as well *headdesk*

So i can get a Treo for about $275, or i can get a Blackberry with a funky editor for $150, or some "Moto Q" thing for about $100 but which comes with a camera, or i can give up on the whole idea and get a normal phone for "free."

So kirinn, didn't you say that you and akiko got phones that could transfer stuff back and forth with a computer? How much were those and from what company? And for what network?

I also stopped by Shoe Pavilion and found that they have the style of birkenstocks i want, but not in the right combination of size and color. They had another brand/style that was fairly similar and had the right combination, except that they were a little narrower and longer than the Betula ones, which is the exact opposite of what i want.

Also called up the Roller Skate repair place, they said the reason why they haven't gotten back to me about the bands for my rollerblades is because K2 hasn't gotten back to them. In fact he said the only communication they've had with K2 for the past two months is repeated messages along the lines of "sorry, we still haven't sent you your shipment yet." =P He suggested i could try contacting K2 directly and complaining, other than that i guess my choice is to buy _another_ new pair of blades, either that or swap out the wheels and brakes on the good pair once a month so i can use them at Wumpskate =P

So all in all today was mostly a lot of running around but not actually getting much accomplished =P

I'm trying to decide if i want to go to Malediction tonight. On the one hand, mmmm, Malediction, on the other hand, mmmm, sleep.

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