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They keep sneaking new features in don't they?

Some time last week i noticed that google had added exit numbers to Moogle. That was kind of amusing because the previous weekend was the first time i'd ever tried paying attention to exit numbers on the freeway, during my trip up to and back from ABL.

Today i was getting directions to AnimeExpo and noticed that it was going what seemed like a slightly roundabout way. So i clicked on the map to try and drag it over to the way i thought might be better and instead i dragged the entire route!!! In fact it seems that you can create multiple breakpoints along the route (er, or whatever the correct non-CSy term would be) and Moogle will try to figure out the most efficient way between them. That sometimes results in some really weird backwards loops if you drag the current waypoint to a weird area, but the functionality is so cool i can forgive them for not handling really weird cases :)

Anyways, i should go shower and then head off to the con! :)

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