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Yay! I have escaped jury duty! I feel a little guilty about the method though. I presume if one tried to just delay your jury duty a week every time they asked you to come in that they'd figure it out pretty quick?

Jmpava and neonelephant went down to the con for "Day Zero" and picked up everyone's badges, so all that's left is... costume!!! Which has very little done on it =P Along with failing to glue the zipper on last night i cut out a blank for one of the gunblades, however after doing so i realized that i really needed some thinner styrofoam, so i stopped at Home Depot again on the way into work this morning and got a half inch sheet. I also figured out that the hot wire cutter works really well, styrofoam that gets near it just disappears, but trying to cut a straight line by holding the styrofoam still and moving the wire is practically impossible.

Following maggiedacatt's advice i checked the dry cleaners near here and it does in fact say that they do alterations, so i'll check there tomorrow morning and see if they can fix up the coat for me.

So plan for tonight. Do laundry. Figure out how to attach the hot wire cutter firmly enough to the table that i can cut straight lines with it. Make gunblades. Make eyepatch. Sleep, if possible :)

I figure the odds of the gunblades getting done at this point is about 50%, but that's okay, i've got the emergency backup gunblades from last year if necessary :)

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