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Ooohhh! Rush has a video for "Far Cry" and it's available on YouTube! :) Kinda a weird video, but still yay :)

I went to michael's and got a bottle of gesso (for finishing the wonderflex before painting it) and a styrofoam cutter. Then i went to JoAnn's and found that they actually had 48" zippers! Last year the JoAnn's i went to only had zippers going up to 36" or maybe 42". I also looked around for some elastic for making the band for the eyepatch. In the process of doing that i found some shoulder pads and decided to grab a pair of those, though it seems unlikely that i'll be able to get quite the right look with them. But that also led me to sewing glue :) I got two bottles, one for normal fabric, and one for "vinyl and leather" which i'm hoping will also work on polyurethane and i can use it to just glue the zipper on :)

So all in all today has been about 90% optimal, at least in therms of the chores. The only improvements could have been if they'd had the girls' coat in a larger size, if i'd thought to ask about eyepatches at the costume place and they'd actually had one, and if JoAnn's for some bizarre reason carried a 52" zipper. (The seam on the coat is almost exactly 4 feet and 4 inches.)

I was driving back from JoAnn's and thinking about stopping by Casa Playa for dinner when i got a call from jmpava saying they were on the way home and were wondering if i was interested in doing dinner at CPK. I said sure, but since they were still about ten minutes away i stopped at Albertson's and picked up some D cells for my new styrofoam cutter, and ended up arriving at CPK just a minute or two after them. Dinner was fun and yummy, and i should run off and try gluing stuff together now. Of course that means cleaning off the table first... :)

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