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Stopped by a costume store on the way home and looked at Matrix costumes, which were in fact the ones the girl at BayCon was wearing, The girls' one looked like it would match a little better, but they only had it in large which wasn't quite big enough for me. They had a medium guys' one which fits just fine, however instead of a zipper on the front it has buttons. I ended up deciding to get that and am going to try to get another zipper (or salvage the one off the older version of the costume) and sew it on. Don't suppose anyone living nearby has a sewing machine i could use sometime tomorrow or friday? :)

After that i stopped by home depot and got almost $100 worth of stuff. A hot air gun and a pair of scissors and some gloves and some sanding sponges for shaping the wonderflex, plus some insulation foam and a utility knife for building a core to wrap the wonderflex around :)

Then i stopped by the optometrist and picked up my prescription. Unfortunately the measurements are in weird new-fangled "scientific" values rather than good old fashioned 20/whatever numbers =P I got -5.0 spherical on one eye and -5.75 on the other, and "DS" for the cylinder on both of them. I asked the guy at the desk who copied it out for me if he had any idea what that was in 20/whatever measurements and he said he thought it was about 20/400, though that seems a bit extreme to me.

Anyways time for me to run off to see if Michael's and/or JoAnn's is still open.

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