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Apparently i am rather fast at a fair number of relatively unimportant things.

I was told that some of the non-company people at the softball game on tuesday commented that i seemed "light on my feet," and several of my teammates congratulated me on getting to first base so quickly, which made me feel a little weird, especially since i realized about halfway there that i seemed to be running in entirely the wrong manner and had to fix my stride. I really ought to practice doing short sprints from a standing, or rather swinging, start but i have no idea when i could fit that in =P

People have also commented several times recently on how quickly i eat =P

Ceph was kind enough to drop me off at the repair place yesterday to pick up my car (yay! thank you ceph! and thank you jmpava and coraa for all the rides you guys gave me!) It was about 7:58 when she dropped me off so they opened up about four or so minutes later. I went in, signed the form, they processed my credit card, signed the receipt, the pulled my car out, and i got in and left. I expect the whole process took somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes, though i didn't check the time when i left. I just took Carson straight across to the 405 rather than the usual 110 to 405 route, since i was starting from a lot farther NE than usual. However since i got on the 405 a lot earlier than normal for my commute my brain went into autopilot and before i realized it i'd driven past my exit. Bah. So i got off at cherry, wasn't able to get over enough lanes quickly enough to do a u-turn at the first light, waited through an entire light cycle there, then did a u-turn at the next intersection and got back on the freeway. Got off at the right exit this time and parked and headed in, it now being a minute or two after 8:30 at this point. Stood in the lobby for twenty or thirty seconds waiting for the elevators, got in, was followed in by a second person, and then a third person who'd just gotten there as the elevator was about to close, and i was rather surprised to see that that person was ceph, who claims that she came straight from the repair place to work. *boggle* That really shouldn't have been possible, it's not like i was driving that fast since it was morning and there was traffic. And the whole missed exit and having to turn around thing! *boggles some more*

And speaking of things going by quickly, i seem to have just missed both my 2,500th post (this will be 2513) and my 5000th comment received (at 5068 currently)

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