DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I don't think they're supposed to do that... :)

Left work at 4, and it was a good thing too. One of the lights was out on Sepulveda on the way home and it took foreeever to get home. I had just enough time to run inside and change cloths before driving over to the optometrist place, arriving there right at 5.

So i got my eyes all checked out. Apparently my peripheral vision is fine and my eyes have good pressure and stuff and are all around healthy. They are however slightly worse than they were the last time i got my eyesight checked eight or nine(?) years ago. Though for some reason when the optometrist was scanning my glasses she thought i had an astigmatism, but i didn't remember having one, and when she checked my eyes i didn't have one, so either whatever machine she used to test my glasses was out of whack or my glasses are somehow out of whack. Or i suppose i might have had an astigmatism but forgot about it and it magically got better :)

So anyway i got an updated prescription and looked at glasses a little bit. They recommended some very square ones which i didn't really like. I looked at the ones that coraa and jmpava had recommended earlier, which i still think are okay except for the weird plastic ear piece bits. They said that those were to make them grip better since they're supposed to be sporty glasses. Which i started thinking was very silly since i don't need that at all, but come to think of it i do go clubbing and rollerblading in my glasses. I've never actually lost my glasses during such things, but _if_ the plastic things actually do help the glasses stick on better that wouldn't be a bad thing to have. On the minus side they are about $220, and the insurance only covers $120 plus 20% of the overage.

After looking at a couple pairs i told them that i was gonna have to come back later with some friends to get some more opinions. To which there followed an exchange between the optometrist and the receptionist(?) person that was something along the lines of "oh, yes, you were here with them earlier?" "yes, he came in here with [coraa]" "oh! they're going to be back on saturday, you could come in then!" Despite what i assume was an amusing breach of that whole doctor/patient confidentiality thing i had to inform them that i wasn't going to be around on saturday so it would have to be some other point. I have no idea when that point will be though and i may end up just giving up and picking out something myself.

After that i went to Casa Playa for dinner and then came home and am now failing to get as much done as i wanted =P
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