DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Every evening, either when i get home from work or when i go to bed, i take all the stuff out of my pockets and dump it in a pile by the bed. With the exception of the cellphone of course which needs to go in the charger, so wallet keys and comb. Yesterday morning i grabbed the pile of stuff and found i was holding wallet and keys, no comb. I looked around for the comb, couldn't find it. Checked the pockets of both the pairs of pants i'd worn the previous day, checked where i normally put the stuff again, no comb. Luckily there was still one new one left in the drawer where i keep them, so no great loss but i was a little confused as to where it had gotten off to. This morning i reached down and grabbed the pile of stuff and noticed something a little odd. I looked down, and along with the wallet and keys there were two combs in my hand! Where the hell did the old one come from? How could i possibly have not noticed it lying right where i normally put the stuff? Maybe my cat decided to play with it the previous night and then felt guilty when i couldn't find it and put it back later =P (Yeah, i know, totally implausible, she'd never feel guilty about it ;)

Anyways, in another hour i will hopefully be down about $800 and up one working car, yay! And then this afternoon at 5 i've got an appointment at the optometrist to get my eyes checked out. I'd really like to get someone to help me pick out the glasses once i've got the prescription, preferably someone female and geeky (for hopefully obvious reasons,) but the person i'd really want to help would probably only be available on weekends, and my weekends are packed for the next three weeks =P
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