DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I called the court a couple times this morning and got no response, so i called back the Jury Service hotline thing and managed to negotiate the menus to someone who postponed my jury service for next week. Hopefully that wasn't interfere with Anime Expo, but as coraa wisely pointed out even if i have to do jury service on friday the AMV showing isn't till the evening so there's no reason i can't still go to that as long as someone else who's waiting in line is willing to get me a ticket.

I called up AAA and got a tow arranged at about 7:50. The truck showed up at 8:25 and the guy spent awhile hooking my car up, oddly he choose to attach the back wheels to the truck rather than the front. However after getting that all done he realized it's an all wheel drive car and it wasn't going to work that way. He called in to the base but all their flatbeds were busy, so he grabbed some weird little wheely bits off the back of his truck and stuck them under the front wheels. Actually the two wheely bits (each a bar like structure with a small wheel on each end) were placed next to the front wheels, and then two longer bar things were placed in front of and behind the front wheels and then snapped into the little wheely deals. Then he used a really long rod to twist the little wheels around on a joint so they rotated under the car and in the process lifted the front tires off the ground.

So the car got transported to the repair place and the people there took a look at it. It turns out the reason the fans stopped working was cause there was no water in the radiator. I hadn't even realized there was supposed to be water in the radiator. When i went through the checklist it specified that i should make sure the coolant levels were where they should be and then said i should check the fans. I figured the coolant was what was going through the radiator or something =P

So after filling the radiator again and running the car for a bit they figured out there was a slow link in the pump, and said that i'd need to get that replaced, and that if i was doing that i really ought to get x and y replaced as well. I'm not quite sure why, the reason i picked this place instead of a random AAA recommended place was because both ceph and the internets said they were trustworthy, so i just went with their recommendation. Which all told is going to come out to about $800. Blech. It's supposed to be done sometime tomorrow, which will probably mean picking it up thursday morning. So far i'm getting absolutely 0% of the stuff i was planning on getting done this week done =P

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