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Wumpskate was fun. Stayed at work till 8:10 or so, made a run by the bank to get cash and then drove up to the skating place.

I got there about 8:50 so i sat in the car reading for about ten minutes until they "opened." As the quotation marks may indicate they did not immediately open at 9. I joined the steadily growing group of people loitering by the front desk/ticket booth at 9:05 and waited there for about ten minutes till they actually started letting us in. Since i was near the front of the pack and most of the other people hadn't brought their own skates i actually ended up being the first person out on the rink.

Skated for several songs, and once again i wish they posted playlists for these things so i could figure out which the songs i like are. Took a break and drank lots of water, skated some more, took a break and drank lots more water, repeat. During one of the breaks i wandered over to the snack table and grabbed some Pirate's Booty and Reese's Pieces and chatted with the DJ who was running the stand and one of her friends for a bit, then during a later break i ended up very randomly being first in line for the tacos.

A little after that i saw industrialbchic and her SO out skating, and the next time i noticed that they'd taken a break i went over and said hi and talked with them for a bit. Industrialbchic had a really cool pirate costume, as did a lot of other people.

I spent a pretty significant amount of the night skating, either i've gotten better at pacing myself or i've just started going into zombie mode earlier. I had vague thoughts around midnight that perhaps i ought to leave a little early since i wanted to get up early for work today but ended up ignoring the impulse and staying till closing time. First time i've ever been there all the way from opening to closing.

Got home about 1:40 or 1:45, got to bed at 2:00, got up at 6:00, got in to work at 8:25. My brain is kind of woozy but i'm not feeling especially tired per se, yay.
Tags: clubs, physical activites, recaps

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