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I hate dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts. They are evil and they keep taunting me and tempting me and make me keep eating them until i have consumed many thousands of calories :) (Well, 1750 calories to be exact, but close enough.)

Anyways, i was reading through the LOLCATS poetry thread again this weekend and found this awesome song:

Tom Smith - Cat Macros

There's also a pretty amusing YouTube video for it.

And while looking around the site a little more after that i found another pretty cool song, Possible Oscar - That Calls for a Wilhelm Scream I was especially amused by the "they're making a Michael Bay film of your favorite cartoon" part, though i won't actually have any idea how appropriate that is for another month :) And "you didn't remember to Tivo the Heroes finale now did ya?" :)

Also, i mentioned the whole set of videos together earlier, but one of the songs for the DTD vids really get lodged in my brain. After a little research i found it was Prozzak - Strange Disease (just ignore the video part and listen to the music.) Actually, i managed to find an actual Strange Disease music video, but i haven't figured out yet if i actually like it or not.

And finally in honor of Pirate Skate at Wumpskate tonight, here is the complete "Fifteen Men On A Dead Man's Chest"/"Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum" song, which is quite a bit longer than one might expect.
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