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I can has teh linkz?

I seem to have four main vectors for acquiring links. A mailing list which is entirely separate from everything else, and then a mishmash of IM, LJ and IRC. I feel kind of guilty sometimes that i never find any original links on my own, i'm always just grabbing them from other people and passing them on. Perhaps i should just start sticking random terms into google and see what comes up?

Anyways though, linkz!

If you've gotten into the LOLCATS thing, this thread from Making Light has over 500 posts consiting of LOLCAT adaptations of various literary works,( many of them unlabeled,) people trying to guess which literary works are being spoofed/pastiched, and discussions about the literary merits of the LOLCAT format :) Some of the results are really amazing.

Mr. Lee CamCat: Someone took a cheap digital camera and reconfigured it into something that he could strap around the neck of his cat, and had it take pictures of whatever his cat was up to for the day. It has a page on the camera construction process and then a couple pages of pics. Cute! :)

Someone put together an awesome Steampunk monitor mod. The page goes over the construction process of course along with showing the final results. There seem to be a couple other projects described on the site that i haven't taken a look at yet, presumably including the construction of the Steampunk keyboard that's shown together with the monitor in the last few pictures.

Speaking of steampunk here's a very silly "Steam Trek" video (Beware of the sexism inherent in the genre)

And as long as i'm doing youtube links, here's one called "Battle at Kruger" I have no idea what the name means, (presumably it's the place where it was filmed?) but it's about the interaction between a pride of lions and a herd of... buffalo of some kind? that was caught on film by some tourists. For those who are squeamish about animals getting hurt (I was feeling kind of uncomfortable watching it when I didn't know what was going to happen) everyone is okay at the end, amazingly enough, though the crocodile and lions are presumably still rather hungry :)

And just because i do feel guilty about never contributing to the global link meme pool, here's a page with some Desktop Tower Defense strategies, which consists of high speed videos of the actual games in which they were used (with various bits of music overplaying it, which actually works kinda well.) Kinda cool if you know Desktop Tower Defense and like speedrun type videos, but probably not of much interest otherwise.

And just as a note, it took me _way_ too long to convince the automagic spell checker to leave the "teh" alone instead of auto-correcting it to "the" =P
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