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I am amused, people on the SM Stirling list seem to have gotten bored in the period between the release of sample chapters to discuss, and we've somehow gotten onto the subject of vampires. So for a lot of the past two days instead of discussing things related to the books or various alternate history possibilities we've been discussing the best ways to kill or disable vampires given the various weaknesses presented in different media :) It's actually pretty common to get sidetracked by various threads of conversation on this list, but i thought this one was especially amusing.

When did LOLCATS get started? I started hearing the grammar involved at BayCon, and since i've gotten back i've seen references to the phenomena all over the place. Adding silly text to pictures has been around the nets forever, but is this particular combination of bad grammar plus cats a relatively new thing? But anyways, if you've seen LOLCODE then this LOLCAT is very amusing :)

I have gotten sucked into a new flash game, Desktop Tower Defense It's kind of like a single player RTS. There are enemies trying to get from one side of the screen to the other, and you have to build towers, which are armed with various guns and weapons, in the way to slow them down and kill them before they make it across. Very addictive :) Has anyone else been playing it?

(Actually, and this is sad, what got me into the game was this LOLCAT =)
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