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Another strange result

Too many tests... must stop.... must get back to work...

Maybe i'll try taking this one again later, it seems like a kind of strange result, especially since i don't really like sporting events at all.

<a href=">Who's Your Type?</a> Your type is the Sporty Too bad Sporty Spice is off the market — she'd be right up your alley. You like your girls fit, energetic, and ready to head out for a weekend backpacking trip on a moment's notice. Your Sporty Chick probably has more old trophies than you do, and a closet full of athletic gear that she actually uses. Her uniform is a sports bra and running shorts, and you think she looks sexiest in sweats with her hair in a ponytail. Since she's not into makeup or blow dryers, she's happy to oblige. You love that she likes to go to sporting events and doesn't mind watching a game or two on TV. She's spontaneous and open, friendly but not intentionally flirty. With her on your team, you can't help but feel like a champ.

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