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Drama that isn't about LJ!

Now that the whole deletion thing has been worked out to a mostly amicable state, here's some more drama to keep everyone busy! :)

Doctor Who To Be Axed, Again

This will make some people i know very sad i expect =/

Edit: It seems like they are backtracking now, maybe it isn't canceled after all! Yay! :)

ABC's island in Second Life obliterated

Apparently someone set off a virtual nuke of some kind at "the third most visited commercial site on Second Life."

First Guitar Hero III Video Displays Differences

I just installed the newer version of flash so i'll have to reboot before i can see the video myself, but according to the GamesAreFun Podcast they may be changing the order of the colors for the notes around, possibly because of legal issues now that the series is being done by another company.

Also, i am still filled with Woes and not with Ice Cream. However ceph has discovered that tomorrow seems to be "Doughnut Day" at KrispyKreme. I'm not quite sure what that is since it has no link, but other sources seem to indicate that it involves free donuts. Donuts are kind of like ice cream, except for all the ways in which they are not, right?

(Interestingly "doughnut" is flagged as a misspelling by my spell checker, but "donut" isn't.)

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