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I should post about wumpskate and softball, but i'm tired now, so instead i will make a quick post about movies instead! :)

Jmpava and i stopped by a Blockbuster video on our way to dinner after practice because they said they had DS Lites in stock. While jmpava was looking at those i wandered over to their cheap used DVD rack. They had one set of movies that were 3 for $20 (the ones that were marked $10 or higher) and one set that was 4 for $20 (the ones $9.99 and lower.) Unlike what i've seen in the past these actually had decent cases to go with the movies. They didn't have the little insert booklets, but they're not the highest quality movies so for $5 and ~$7 each i'm not that concerned.

For ~$7 each i got Flushed Away,The Illusionist, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend (hey! it has Eddie Izzard in it! Totally worth it!) For $5 each i got Snakes on a Plane, Thank You For Smoking, Blade Trinity, and Ultraviolet.

So now i just have to find people willing to watch them with me :)
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