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Broken things

Darn, i need to get some new birkenstocks. I just noticed this weekend that my current pair now have a hole going almost all the way through the soles directly under the balls of both feet.

I also need to do something about my shaver, which just recently started developing holes in the foil. I remember having to get a new foil just two or three years ago, i thought they lasted longer than that =P I'm not sure if i should just go get a new foil again, or get a whole new shaver since the battery in this one has gotten somewhat erratic. It seems to have developed a very strong case of battery memory; after using it for a minute or two it suddenly revs down like it's running out of power but if i just sit there and let it run for a little bit longer it gets through the problem area and revs back up again. I seem to remember that that problem has been fixed in newer batteries, so getting a new shaver would not only eliminate the problem but it also hopefully wouldn't ever happen again with the new one.

I did take my rollerblades into the skate repair place today. I got a new screw for the pair i use at Wumpskate since i'd had to steal a screw from the older pair when i removed the brake. They also tried to replace the ankle bands on the older pair but the replacement straps they had were too big. So they're going to call up K2 and check on the availability of parts and give me a call back about it.

I'm also thinking of getting a new pair of sneakers for softball. My current ones are kind of tight in the toes, which hurts a little when i run but i didn't think was a really big deal. Until i noticed a few days after last week's practice that my left big toe is somewhat purple and it hurts whenever anything presses on it =P

Oh yeah, and one of the belt loops on one of my two good pairs of clubbing pants is broken, i need to dig up my sewing stuff and try to fix it.

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