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I played two games of Bang last night. The first one was an amazing game, the kind of statistical outlier that i can probably expect to never see again in my life.

It was a seven person game in which i was one of the two vices. I forget who my second character option was, but i went with the guy who can discard a blue card to draw two new cards, because i'd seen someone in a previous game abuse him to good effect.

The very first round the person sitting at the opposite end of the table from me put out a rifle and took a pot shot at the sheriff, so i figured i would be aiming for them first, if i could get a gun of my own out anyways. However before it got around to my turn, the person immediately to my right played a jail card on me, took a shot at me, and Cat Balloued one of the sheriff's items. So now i was gunning for him, because he wasn't friendly towards the sheriff either _and_ he'd messed with me personally as well.

Unfortunately i failed my jail check, so i didn't actually get to do anything about it that turn. It was hard to keep track of what was going on at the other end of the table but this was about the point the person who turned out to be the other Vice killed off one of the Outlaws. When it got to my adversary's turn however he played a Mustang, so i still couldn't do anything to him. At least i got to have a turn though. I was getting significantly dinged up by this point though so i did drink a Beer and played a barrel, but didn't do much else of significance. Then, as the next turn progressed, i got shot up a little more, and either the Sheriff or the Vice Cat Balloued my adversary's Mustang.

So it gets around to my turn again and by this point i'm at one life, and have two or three cards in my hand and draw up to four or five. I had a jail, a gun, and some other random stuff. There was no way i could use all the cards i had, and if i didn't i'd have to discard down to 1, and anyways i didn't think i'd survive another round at 1 health.

So i got rid of my gun in order to draw two cards. I got an Emporium. I used that and one of the things that came up was a Wells Fargo, to which everyone else laughed and exclaimed "Well we know which one _you're_ going to take," and they were right. I used the Wells Fargo to draw three more cards. One of those was a Stage Coach, when i played that everyone else started laughing and/or cursing again, and one of the two cards i got was the _other_ Stage Coach. At this point i had a beer or two, so i could have quit, but i had about ten cards in my hand. The beer would have healed me up and increased my hand size some, but i had a _lot_ of other stuff as well, more than i could possibly use without having to discard at the end of the turn. Especially since my hand included a _lot_ of bangs.

So i decided to keep drawing and hope to get a Volcanic. I played the second Stage Coach, amidst even louder exclamations, to draw two more cards. No luck, but by this point i had some spare blue cards again, so i got rid of one of them to draw two more cards, and then a second one to get two more, and _then_ up came the Volcanic! And the reaction to that when i put it down was everything you'd expect. I had five bangs. The guy to my right had four health and one Mancato. After gunning him down without mercy i found he was an Outlaw (as opposed to a Renegade of course) and got three more cards. I healed myself up to full health, Panic!ed a card or two away from the new person to my right, and ended my turn with full health and four cards.

Of course it wasn't long before my Volcanic got Cat Balloued, and play proceeded relatively normally and i just figured i'd had the one great turn and that was it. About two or so rounds later though (when we were down to four people including the sheriff, two vices and either an Outlaw or the Renegade) we ran out of cards while the person to my right was playing his turn, so the person to the left of me, who'd been handling the cards the whole time, handing out cards to people who were out of reach of the pile and such, took the discard pile and shuffled it up. He set the pile down just in time for me to draw the first three cards, and get a Wells Fargo. I put that down, and the guy to my left says "If you draw two more Stage Coaches I am going to stab you repeatedly!" to which we all laughed. So i drew my three cards, and got a Stage Coach. I play that and my leftward neighbor yells "I shuffled them! You saw me do it!" I get my two cards and get, yes, the second Stage Coach. I play it to get two more cards and the shuffler shouts "That's it!" and pulls out his keychain and starts poking me with it :)

Of course this time i don't have the Volcanic, and both the sheriff and the person to my left, who we know for sure is the last bad guy, are both on Mustangs so i can't reach them. I do Indians and Duel the bad guy and heal myself up a bit, put out a few cards and end my turn.

At this point it's important to note that we're playing with "Fistful of Cards," in which each round after the first you flip over the top card in a special separate stack and follow the extra rule detailed on it for the next round. Nothing particularly noteworthy had happened up till now, but for this round we got a rule that we had to play the second card we drew at the beginning of our turn immediately if possible. This led to the amusing situation where the other vice draw a Bang as his second card and had to shoot me because i was the only one in range, and then i drew a Bang as my second card and had to shoot him in return. Nothing much else of note happened except that we wore down the bad guy a little bit, and then the next Fistful card caused us to start drawing from the discard pile and discarding to the draw pile.

The sheriff went through a couple cards, then the vice figured out a way to use a few more cards than normal, and then it was my turn. I took my draw and then discarded one or two blue cards to draw some extra cards, which got me down to the first, or rather second, Stage Coach. Using that of course got me to the other stage coach, at which point the person to my left just handed me the rest of the discard pile in disgust and told me to shoot him and get it over with. So i did and he either had no Mancatos or didn't think it was worth delaying the inevitable any longer.

Final score, all three outlaws and the renegade dead, the sheriff and both vices still alive. Go good guys! Go dozen plus card hands and Volcanics of doom!

The second game went almost as badly as the first one went well. The first round i got shot a couple times but couldn't do much to anyone else, the second round they threw me in jail and threw a stick of dynamite in after me. The dynamite went off and killed me. I didn't have any beer buy i did have a whiskey and one other card, so they let me use though i'm not sure if that was strictly legal. So i was back at two health, had no cards, and failed my get out of jail check. They picked off my last two health at their leisure during the next round.

I wandered off to talk with other people at this point but called back about fifteen or twenty minutes later because a Fistful card had come up which brought the first eliminated player back from the dead. I came back with two health and two cards, didn't have the right cards to do anything useful during my first turn and was gunned down again before getting another one :)

You win some, you lose some.
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