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Visual DNA meme, from nonseqmenagerie

(That's odd, when i previewed the post the pictures showed up just fine, now that it's up though they don't show up unless you click on the "Read my Visual DNA" link. I went back and checked the meme for the other people who posted it and they appear to be having the same problem. Is it working for anyone else? I'm not sure if my browser is screwing it up or the host changed something about it.)

It took me a couple tries to get a bedroom whose interpretation makes sense. Apparently what i considered simple and functional they considered "stylish."

I was also a bit stymied for the choices about art, vaction, landscape and freedom. However the results of my choices in those weren't so horribly egregious as to convince me to go back and change them.

I'm gonna transcribe the text, since i don't trust the site to stay up forever


Mood: Dreamer
Fun Escape Artist
Habits: Back to Basics
Love: Nice n' Cheesy

Mood - Dreamer:
You're a bit of a romantic and like to get back to basics. The expanse of the wilderness is inspiring and you feel like landscapes that make you feel calm. When it comes to art, you have a traditional and anthropological eye. You appreciate the history of a piece, the stories that it holds - you are a touch sentimental! As for music, it's the soundtrack to your world. You've got to grips with downloading and your mp3 is at hand. It gives you a focus and concentration - you might [and it says there's more, but hitting the "more >" button does nothing for me]

Fun - Escape Artist:
Oh - insatiable! Your thirst for affection never drops. You've got a high sex drive and appetite for lurve. For kicks there is nothing like a little affection to give you a buzz. There is never enough time to love! When it comes to holidays, you seem them as the perfect chance to further yourself - to learn more about the world around you. You like to be immersed in a completely different world and would be really bored just sitting on a beach. What grosses you out? Nobody is perfect but some bad [and it says there's more, but hitting the "more >" button does nothing for me]

Habits - Back to Basics:
You can never get enough attention or affection. A bit of a one track mind some might say. You like to think you're a devil in the sack, no talk and plenty of action! You're not neurotic about making health choices... You've got more of an easy going and carefree approach to your lifestyle... and a sweet tooth too. As for the home, ket's face it, style is not top of your list - you're too busy with other things in life. You have a relaxes approach to life and your environment.

Love - Nice N Cheesy:
You're a real romantic and a bit of a dreamer. OK, life may not be a movie, but what's wrong with thinking it is? When you think of freedom - you think of you weekend, 'avin it with a bunch of people on a sweaty dance floor - it's standard innit?

Hmmm, looking at the descriptions in the index though i wonder if perhaps "Touchy Feely" or "Love Bug" might have been more appropriate for me for the Love category. Oh well.

(And i'd like to point out that at least 90% of the spelling and grammar weirdnesses in the descriptions are _not_ problems with my transcription abilities =)
Tags: memes

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