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We had a team meeting yesterday, and one of the things that got talked about was the managerial retreat that our bosses went on last week. Along with discussing what went on at the meeting, they showed the results from a personality test that all of them took, and handed out copies of the test and encouraged us to take it.

It's called the "Strength Deployment Inventory." I took it once, and i'm not sure what i think of the results, so i may try to get myself into a better frame of mind and take it again later. It only has 20 questions in it, and they're fairly obvious about what they're asking about, so i need to take a little more time to be introspective when i do it again.

The test rates you in three categories, analytical, assertive, and nurturing, and gives you scores based on how you rate when you're happy/relaxed, and how you rate when you're stressed and frustrated.

The initial results claim that i'm mostly right smack in the center, with a slight tendency towards analytical and nurturing. Actually, the dot is right on the circle in the center the seperates "Flexible, Cohering" from everything else, almost right on the line between analytical and nurturing. The stressed dot is also in the center region, although it's almost right on the line between analytical and assertive, although it's a little farther inside the center circle than the first spot.

So i start out average, and when stressed become even more average, although a little more assertive and a little less nurturing. Sounds pretty boring. My boss was walking by and asked what i got on it, and said that he thought it ment that i tended to be unpredictable, and claimed that he'd noticed that quality in me. I suppose that sounds better than average.

Of course that might explain why i had so much trouble figuring out what scores to assign to which questions. I'm not sure that i always act in a consitent manner, so it becomes a question of determing how often i act one way and how often another. Trying to figure out exact percentages is very hard, i don't keep notes on the way i react to every situation, and as soon as there's uncertainty in a situation, there's room for your subconscious to start manipulating data. And then do you try to second guess your subconscious and bias things the other way? You might make it more accurate, or you might actually end up helping your subconscious if you guess wrong, or you might swing things too far the other way if you guess right but misjudge how much influence your subconscious has.

Now i'm getting confused =)

I need to figure out what the best state of mind to take this test in is. I also need to decide if i should cover up the answers to questions that i already know so that they can't influence me, or leave them uincovered on the theory that my subconscious has a better memory than i do.

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