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The topic of Connie Willis' time travel system came up on a SF/AH oriented mailing list i'm on. In effect i said that the mechanics made for good storytelling, but from a purely scientific point of view they seemed rather baffling, and i outlined the bits i remembered from her books, mainly "To Say Nothing of the Dog," that i found strange or contradictory. Someone responded that they'd read the book less than a year ago and didn't remember any of the issues i mentioned, and suggested that perhaps i was confusing it with another book. This made me briefly wonder if i was completely insane (rather than just partly) but after discussing it with coraa it seems that i was mostly correct about at least the broad outlines. However the both the details that we weren't sure about and the desire to confirm that i'm not crazy prompted the desire to read the book again.

One problem though, i can't find it :( I've looked all over the apartment and the only book of hers that i can find is "Doomsday Book." I was pretty sure i owned both "Passage" and "To Say Nothing of the Dog," but perhaps i was wrong and i just borrowed them, or perhaps they're still buried in some box somewhere that i haven't unpacked, though i was pretty sure that i'd kept all the book boxes straight. In any case i decided to go to Borders tonight and get a copy. I ended up with a lot of books, but _not_ the one i specifically went looking for! *grrr* Their computer even claimed they had one copy in stock but it was nowhere to be found. I tried heading over to Barnes & Noble after that, but it turns out they close at 11, not midnight like Borders. Bah.

So anyways, the books i did get: "Bellwether" by Connie Willis (since i couldn't get the book i _wanted_) "The Thirteenth House" by Sharon Shinn, "Moon Called" by Patricia Briggs, "To Serve and Submit" by Susan Wright, "Kissing Sin" and "Tempting Evil" by Keri Arthur, and "Bolos Book One" which is an anthology "created by" Keith Laumer, which i mainly got because this one has stories by SM Stirling and Mercedes Lackey and because i'm kind of curious about the origins of the game Bolo.

Also speaking of books, Audible has been incredibly good to me this month. In addition to having all three of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, which i just recently started on, in the last month they've added "Memory" "Brothers in Arms" and "The Hallowed Hunt" by Lois McMaster Bujold, and "Seventh Son" and "Red Prophet" by Orson Scott Card. I'm not entirely sure if i want to get those last two though. That series started off pretty interesting, but after about the third book it started to decline, and at some point after that it apparently becomes a rather blatant riff on the book of Mormon. (Big surprise, huh?)
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