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I decided to catch up on webcomics some more this weekend. I tried to figure out where i'd left off in Freefall but couldn't quite remember, and in the process of trying to figure it out i realized i only vaguely remembered some of the running gags. So i ended up going back to the begining and rereading the whole thing. (And personally i prefer the greyscale version, for some reason i expected all the characters to be colored very differently than what they ended up as when the color ones started.)

Mostly it's about a squid-like alien (who unfortunately wears a spacesuit most of the time,) a robot, and a genetically enginered wolf-girl on a human colony planet. However occasionaly they have bad song parodies about woad! And more bad song parodies about duct tape!

And dolohov, if you ever start working on a second(?) generation of your robots, be sure to beware the unintended consequences of the third law of robotics :)
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