DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

April Fools Alert

Apparently the April Fools jokes have already started. World Wide Intertubes + time zones makes for interesting timing of such things.

And oh so coincidentally Slashdot has started "Slashdottit", which seems to be a parody of Digg's "Digg it." It might have helped if the first post using the new system hadn't been one about April Fools jokes :)

"Your vote in the Slashdottit system will help insure the best stories are presented to our readers, with hyper accurate numbers to indicate their relevance and general awesomeness. Only by requiring the contribution of every random user of the internet can we guarantee the most scientifically perfect numbers will be generated. These numbers will guarantee that every story that appears on Slashdot will be interesting, insightful, and flawless. Vote early, vote often."

Of course if you parse the verb(?) along the lines of the name "slashdottit" turns into "Slashdot tit"

Cute, but nowhere near the quality of "OMG Ponies!" :)
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