DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Ow, my back is borken. What did i ever do to you back?

Oh yeah, maybe it was that spending several hours lying on the couch reading webcomics =P Including catching up on the last couple months of Adventurers *sad that it's finished* Anyone who hasn't read it yet that's into 8-bit theatre and RPG World type stuff should check it out (Yes, the art does get (somewhat) better =)

Going straight from listening to "The Vor Game" to "Memory" is kinda weird.

In the realm of non-electronic stuff i've finally gotten around to reading "The Chronicles of the Lensmen," which is one of those classic groundbreaking SF series from back in the pulp days. In fact it was apparently the first SF series written by design from the beginning. Of course being from the pulp days _everything_ about it is rather dated. The dialogue in particular is rather over the top, past the point of unbelievable and into the range of vastly amusing (if in a somewhat cringeworthy kind of way.) I've lost track of how many time i've read the phrase "I check you to nineteen decimal places" or some equivalent thereof. I can't help but imagining some of these lines being produced by Ace Rimmer :)

Anyways, grrr, stupid back *wants backrub*
Tags: books, comics, random

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