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I love the internet

Someone on a mailing list forwarded an article titled "The 300 Movie: Separating Fact from Fiction" about the portrayal of the Persians in the movie. The article itself was somewhat interesting, though i've already heard some sarcastic comments along those lines, including "Didn't know that the Persian Army was filled with orcs (aka Immortals), ogres, other misshapen humanoids, and led by a 7 foot androgynous pierced giant." so the basic premise didn't surprise me much. However the really interesting bit, in that it was totally unknown to me before, is that you can find episodes of "Engineering an Empire" on YouTube!!!!

"Engineering an Empire" is one of those shows they keep doing little marathons of on the History Channel which sucks me in for hours at a time. I'm afraid what will happen if i start watching them on YouTube. Probably end up wanting to buy the whole series or something :)

On a similar note of the long tail (okay, maybe not so long) clary mentioned on LJ that Heroes is cool and you can get the episodes off of NBC's website. So i gent to their website on friday and downloaded (well, streamed) the pilot, and now i want to buy the DVDs.

I love the internet, and the big corporations love silly people like me :)

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