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Rush has a new album coming out on May 1st! And there's gonna be a tour!! And they just released the first track this week!!! And you can hear it on their website!!!! And the people they have doing their website design should be shot!!!!!

For those few people who are interested in hearing the new track you can go straight to to skip the automatic maximizing of the window and the insistence that you upgrade to the latest version of flash.

(And i'd be poking at people excitedly over AIM about it but so far there hasn't been a single day of IM working at lunch since the DDST fiasco got cleared up (and that includes IRC now that i'm trying to use it.) I hope that didn't somehow prompt them to change the settings =/ )

Edit: I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but for me the Ambience on/off buttons do seem to work, but the off one only works _after_ the current loop of thunder has finished. I repeat what i said about their website designers =P
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