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I picked up copies of Dodge City and Gloom today (unfortunately they didn't have a copy of Lost Cities)

Since some people (well, two) were interested in the new characters i thought i'd post the details here:

Sean Mallory: He may hold in his hand any number of cards (3 HP)
Apache Kid: Cards of Diamonds played by other players do not affect him (3 HP)
Vera Custer: For one whole round, she gains the same ability of another character in play of her choice. (3 HP)
Elena Fuente: She may use any card as Missed!. (3 HP)
Pixie Pete: He draws 4 cards instead of 2. (3 HP)
Bill Noface: He draws one card, plus 1 card for each wound he has
Greg Digger: Each time another player is eliminated, he regains 2 life points
Pat Brennan: He may draw only one card in play in front of any one player
Herb Hunter: Each time another player is eliminated, he draws 2 extra cards
Jose' Delgado: During his turn he may discard a blue card from the hand to draw 2 cards
Doc Holyday: During his turn, he may discaard once 2 card from the hand to shoot a Bang!.
Molly Stark: Each time she uses a card from her hand out of turn, she draws a card.
Belle Star: During her turn, cards in play in front of other players have no effect.
Chuck Wengam: During his turn, he may choose to lose 1 life point to draw 2 cards.
Tequila Joe: Each time he plays a Beer, he regains 2 life points instead of 1.

And just for reference, the characters from the original game:

El Gringo: Each time he is hit by a player, he draws a card from the hand of that player. (3 HP)
Paul Regret: All players see him at a distance increased by 1. (3 HP)
Willy the Kid: He can play any number of Bang! cards.
Slab the Killer: Player needs 2 Missed! cards to cancel his Bang! card.
Jourdonnais: Whenever he is the target of a Bang!, he may "draw!": on a Heart, he is missed.
Kit Carlson: He looks at the top three cards of the deck and chooses the 2 to draw.
Suzy Lafayette: As soon as she has no cards in hand, she draws a card.
Bart Cassidy: Each time he is hit, he draws a card.
Vulture Sam: Whenever a player is eliminated from play, he takes in hand all the cards of that player.
Black Jack: He shows the second card he draw. On Heart or Diamonds, he draws one more card.
Pedro Ramirez: He may draw his first card from the discard pile.
Lucky Duke: Each time he "draw!", he flips the top two cards and chooses one.
Jesse Jones: He may draw his first card from the hand of a player.
Sid Ketchum: He may discard 2 cards to regain one life point.
Calamity Jane: She can play Bang! cards as Missed! cards and vise versa.
Rose Doolan: She sees all players at a distance decreased by 1.
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