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And then i threw a six and a two!

Did some gaming last night with neonelephant and some friends of his. I managed to win two round of Bang!! Once as one of the outlaws, once as the renegade.

The other people were a little late in showing up, so neonelephant and i played a couple hands of "Lost Cities" first. It's a very interesting game. It's a two player game where each player is trying to create ordered stacks of cards in one of five colors/suites. The only interaction between the players is the knowledge gained about what cards are still available in the deck based on what they've played and the ability to pick up cards from the discard piles (one for each suite.) One of those very simple to learn but really hard to figure out the strategies and dynamics for. If possible you usually want to delay playing your cards for as long as possible so that you can get the lower numbers you need to extend your suite first, but you have to either play a card or discard every turn, and you don't want to discard right away because you might give the other player something they really need. It gets very difficult to figure out ways to kill time without hurting yourself or helping the other player.

When the other people showed up we split into two groups, and i decided to join the group playing Bang! rather than try to learn how to play Ticket to Ride. They had two expansions to Bang! but we decided not to play with the Fistfull of Cards one, but even without that there were a lot of new cards i hadn't seen before.

The first game i was an outlaw, and got a crappy set of characters. One was spend a life to draw two cards, the other was gain two life whenever anyone else dies. I went with the second one although in retrospect i might have been better off going with the first one. Certainly couldn't have been any worse since no one died besides the sheriff :)

The sheriff had the character with the ability to draw four cards instead of two, which was _insane_. The other outlaw and i had the sheriff bracketed so we were able to start plugging away at her right away, but we really should have gotten our asses kicked given how many items the sheriff managed to get out. I don't remember what the deputy and renegade were doing, but it wasn't especially effective, so the other outlaw and i kept banging the sheriff round after round, making minimal progress as things went. Oh yeah, i remember one of the things either the outlaw or renegade did, they put out the dynamite, which blew up in the sheriff's face and made her use a beer to stay alive :) Luckily she had a shortage of mancato's for the next couple rounds and we finally managed to wear through her defenses and finish her off.

The second round was _much_ more interesting, because everyone was much more active and it was more dynamic. I had the choice between someone who got two life back for every beer, and someone instead of drawing two cards could claim any one faceup card, and i went with the second one since it sounded more interesting. The sheriff this round was the person who'd played the game the least, which was actually a pretty good thing. She hadn't quite figured out the strategy and tactics for dealing with other people, aside from shooting back at people who shot at her, but she was reasonably good at keeping herself alive, which was _very_ good because the outlaws did a very good job of knocking her down quickly and she spent a lot of the game bouncing back and forth between one and two life.

There was one very nasty round right after the first outlaw got killed when the second outlaw put out a Volcanic. Since she had the character ability to draw a card whenever her hand was empty she manged to put down about three or four items and get off three or four bangs on the sheriff before she ran into a card she couldn't get rid of. Needless to say the Volcanic got disposed of pretty quickly thereafter, either the sheriff or the deputy manage to cat balou it before it came around to my turn so i could take it. I'd been gradually taking the really cool items from everyone else. Around this point i had a Mustang (from the deputy) and whatever the terrain card is that also gives you +1 defense (from the sheriff,) so the outlaw couldn't even touch me even if she'd been willing to get distracted from the sheriff. Plus a howitzer which i think i got from the outlaw and a barrel from who knows where.

I'd decided a couple rounds earlier that i didn't have much advantage left in trying to hide my identity. The rest of us were clearly united in trying to keep the sheriff alive until we could kill the outlaw, but if the outlaw died right then i would have been hard pressed to take out the deputy. So i started softening the deputy up some while taking any opportunities i could to deny stuff to the outlaw. Finally the deputy put down some dynamite which passed by me and killed the outlaw. (This was the same player who'd had the dynamite blow up on her as the sheriff and take her down to negative HP, she really had bad luck with explosives.)

By this point the sheriff and the deputy were both down to 2 HP. I had no bangs, but i had the howitzer i'd stolen earlier, and a gattling gun i'd gotten from the general store. With only two health the deputy was low on cards, but he had a health item in front of him ("canteen" i think.) So instead of drawing i took his canteen and then howitzered everyone. The sheriff had a mancato (which i was kind of glad for, since i wasn't sure about the rules for simultaneous kills, though it turns out i still would have been okay) but the deputy had nothing :) So then i gattlinged them both and took the sheriff down to one health and killed the deputy.

I still had four health left but i had nothing else to do damage in my hand. The others figured it was pretty much game over at that point but they convinced the sheriff to play out the last round. I was still at a little bit of a risk until i stole the sheriff's rifle so they couldn't reach me anymore. Then for their next turn they got one or two of the cards that let you draw extra cards, and ended up with a hand consisting entirely of five or six bangs, which she couldn't use. I on the other hand had three mancatos and nothing else. Everyone found this greatly amusing. Finally the next round i got something i could use to finish off the sheriff. Yay!
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