DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I wish i knew who came up with the idea that shoelaces should be made out nylon or plastic or whatever the hell slippery substance these are made out of. They ought to be taken out into the street and strung up by the selfsame shoelaces. Which sounds like a more serious punishment than it really is, since after about five or ten seconds of thrashing around the knot will slip loose and the offender will be deposited upon the ground long before they suffer any serious oxygen deprivation =P

When i want to time how long something takes i'm _much_ better about checking the time when i leave. I left my apartment to go get dinner at8:03. I have no idea when i got to Casa Playa but it was 8:27 when i was done eating and heading out the door (that was with some pretty damn fast service on their part.) I stopped by Vons on the way back (which has a very poor selection of White Rain shampoo and conditioner unfortunately) and got home at 8:55.

I'm going to get some stuff done tonight before i go to sleep darn it. Not especially useful stuff, just stuff off my list of things i've been wanting to get done but not had/made the time to do.

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