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The clock radio seems to do a moderately good job of keeping me from getting too braindead in the shower. My mind still seems to tune out a bit, but usually the switch to a new song will snap me out of it a bit. (It might work better if i could find a station with more active music, but so far Coast seems to be the only station that is actually playing music and not busy talking at the time i'm usually showering.)

The fact that the clock part is pretty small hasn't been a huge problem so far, my innate sense of curiosity keeps compelling me to peer at it to figure out what time it is.

Thus i have determined that during the course of a shower i spend about: 1-2 minutes waiting for the water to warm up; 2-3 minutes enjoying being under the warm water, 2-5 minutes shampooing and rinsing out my hair, 1-3 minutes conditioning my hair, 2-4 minutes getting myself all soapy, 2-3 minutes rinsing off, and another 2-3 minutes enjoying the warm water some more before i turn it off. So usually in the 15-20 minute range all told.

So the question is if that will continue to be the case or if i'll get used to the music and clock and start zoning out again. Well that, and the other question, now that i know exactly how quickly i'm showering does that mean i don't know where i'm showering anymore? :)

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