DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

OMG!! Not only is there a Trader Joe's within easy walking distance, there's a Jamba Juice in the same complex!! :)

My new apartment isn't quite as good as living in a dorm, but being able to randomly run into people i know at Coffee Cartel is awesome :)

Speaking of which, i've also found that the blended boba drinks there are from mixes but that the sweetener is added separately so i can ask them to cut back on that. The Apple Boba with half the syrup is great! :)

I went and got my car smog-checked sunday morning so i could renew the tags. Afterward i noticed that the fans for cycling the air inside weren't working. This continued through monday morning on the way to work and i was vaguely considering taking it back to the place and saying "this stopped working after you poked at my car, any chance you could tell me what's wrong?" but wasn't figuring i'd have much success with that route. Then on the drive home i hit a bigger than normal dip or bump in the road, and as the car bounced the fans suddenly came back to life! Overall it's still not a very good sign i suspect, but it's amazing how much of our technology has a local minimum state of "working" if you bang it around a little :)

My monitor is also on the fritz. All of the sudden on saturday or sunday the screen turned kind of pinkish. After looking for it at a little bit i figured out that the green component seems to have dropped off the radar. I found that if i applied a little pressure to the plug and/or cord the color would come back, so i managed to find a way to drape the cord over the top of the monitor that applied just the right kind and amount of tension to fix it. That only worked for about half a day though and now it's stuck permanently on "pink." I don't know if the problem is with the plug on the monitor or the plug on the cord. Hopefully the later since that would be a lot easier to replace.

I finally got around to plugging in the PS2. Rather than getting back into FF12 however i did some Guitar Hero 2 =P I'm redoing the medium difficulty, partly to get more money to unlock stuff, partly so i can do it with my finger position shifted to try and train for hard mode. I also decided to try and see what happens if you don't miss a single note on a song. It took more tries than i care to mention (or can even remember accurately =) but i finally got perfect on "Woman," and it turns out that instead of five penciled in stars it gets you five golden stars. (No cash bonus though =) I'm working on trying to do the same on "Tattooed Love Boys" now.
Tags: random, video games

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