DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Went to Costco today and got almost everything _except_ the microwave. They had two decent looking microwaves and i couldn't decide which would fit better. I need to measure the space in my kitchen and go back to Costco with a tape measure. I couldn't find energizer NiMH batteries, they had duracel ones, and those only included with the charger. Got a new pair of jeans, unfortunately they didn't have jeans shorts. They did have some cargo shorts, but only in various shades of brown and green =P I got one pair of those in the darkest brown they had. Also got DVDs of Amelie and Tron and Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2 for DS. Went by Bed Bath & Beyond and got a suction-cup shelf thing to stick in the shower, which is rather deficient in that regard, and also found a "water resistant" radio with a clock display on it for the shower as well. Unfortunately the clock display is rather small =P Went by Best Buy and got the rechargeable batteries plus a new cheapish mp3 player to use for audio books.

Oh, and i was disappointed to find that Costco has switched their berry sundaes from blackberry to strawberry :( Maybe it's a seasonal thing, but that seems kinda unlikely since i've never seen the strawberry ones before.

I'm trying to decide what to do for dinner now. I could be lazy and go to subway, or i could walk a reasonable distance to get something else. I'm wondering if motivating myself with the idea of getting a $5 coffee drink multiple times a week is a reasonable price to pay for getting about an extra mile and a half of walking on a regular basis.
Tags: shopping

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