DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I need to go to Costco at some point. I keep forgetting that this apartment doesn't have a microwave. It's not that big a deal now but it will become progressively more so as i unpack the kitchen stuff and am actually capable of making snacks or even meals for myself. I _had_ a microwave at one point, i know i loaned it to thaisa, i know i got it back from her, and then...? Perhaps it was a casualty of the previous move? When moving from one apartment with a preinstalled microwave to another apartment with a preinstalled microwave i may have decided that it wasn't worth the effort of keeping around.

Shopping list for next time i go to Costco:

A microwave of course
Another 12 pack of diet Monster
Another bag of dried blueberries
some AAA Energizer Rats of NiMH batteries if they have them
some more shorts and jeans. Most of the ones i've got now are developing large holes =P

Before i even think about going to Costco though i should shower, do laundry, and unpack enough stuff such that there is actually room for a microwave :)

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