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My neck has been tense and sore for most of the week. Stupid neck =P

Went to two bookstores this evening after work and experienced miserable failure =P

I was mainly looking for SM Stirling's "The Domination" (the omnibus of his Draka series,) and Sharon Shinn's "Thirteenth House." And maybe John Birmingham's "Final Impact" if that was out yet.

Border's didn't have either on the shelves. I checked their computer and it agreed about "The Domination" but claimed they had the "Thirteenth House" in stock. I found an employee and asked them about it. He checked the employee database and it said they had 8 copies in stock so it shouldn't be hard to find. He suggested i could try the new book table but we couldn't find it there. So he double checked the database and it turned out that it had _just arrived._ He checked in back and they had a box there that hadn't been unpacked yet, and since they hadn't scanned the books into the system yet they couldn't sell them :( (don't ask me how the computer knew they had 8 in stock if they hadn't been scanned in yet. Maybe it just assumed they actually got as many as they were supposed to have been shipped that day.) I looked around a little more, they did have John Birmingham's "Final Impact," but only in trade paperback. I also found a cool looking series by Patricia Briggs, but they didn't have the first book, "Moon Called."

So i drove a short distance over to the Barnes & Noble. They also didn't have "The Domination" or "Thirteenth House" on the shelves. I got an employee to check the computer for me (since B&N is dumb and doesn't let you do it yourself =P) and "The Domination" was nowhere to be seen and they had 4 copies of "Thirteenth House" scheduled to arrive. They also only had "Final Impact" in trade paperback. They did have "Moon Called," but by that point i didn't really want to bother for just one book. Guess i need to go do some online shopping =P

I think i am going to go wander about and find some food and coffee like substance now. Huuungry!
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