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The vacum handel iz pastede on yey!

That makes it much easier to fit in the car :)

The carpet is going to be replaced, but that was kind of expected. It did mean that i didn't have to vacuum and steam clean it though :)

Now it is time to pack up the computer, throw away the last of the cleaning equipment and empty boxes and get the hell out of here.

Wait, what's this, !@#$%! it's the chair that got left behind for me to use. No way that's gonna fit. Well, good thing it's one of the old chairs that coraa didn't want anymore rather than one of my own chairs which i was intending to hold onto. Bye bye coraa's old chair, have fun in the dumpster! (Man the people in this complex are going to hate me when i'm gone, at least till the garbage trucks come by again.)

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