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I washed my car on sunday!! Allyn had been telling me that i should do it for awhile, and two(?) weeks ago i bought a squeegee at Target, but i'd been busy every weekend since then.

Unfortunatly about a third of the way through through the cleaning process, i pressed the squeegee against the bumper of my car to squeeze out the dirty water (i saw some of the dirtiest soap i've ever seen in my life on sunday) and i wasn't pressing very hard, however the head of the squeegee snaped right off =(

I'm not sure if that squeegee was defective, or if i need to buy a stronger kind. My car is fairly clean, it's hard to get everything off with just some soapy water and a squeegee; there are still a lot of dirty streaks where i wasn't quite able to get off all the dirty soap. However overall it looks amazing. I almost walked past my car when i was coming out of the supermarket because it's so shiney and looks like a different color =)

I visited Morna last night, and she gave me a check for some of the money that she owes me. (She offered to pay back more, but i told her not worry about it. I'm not really concered with money with people i care about, well, at least not as long as it's money that they owe me)

With that and after i get this weeks paycheck i _might_ be able to completly pay off my credit card. Perhaps one of these days i should consider selling some stock and getting ahead, but i'd kinda like to hold onto it until i can make more of a profit.

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