DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I got one of those "stick your clothes in a bag with a magic sheet and it's just like dry-cleaning!" things to clean my suit with before the work trip to Vegas. The suit is presumably cleaner, but i'm not really sure if the shirt is significantly less wrinkled or not though. However the spot on the tie seems to be almost completely gone which is what i really wanted. Now i just have to figure out how to pack it. Any unwrinkling that took place will almost certainly be undone if i just stuff it in a suitcase, no matter how careful the folding. I do have two luggage tags, but it seems kind of silly to waste one on suit carrier just for that. (And i'm not even that sure that the suit carrier would do a good job of protecting it. I suspect such things are less effective when they're tossed in the cargo area of a bus with tons of other baggage.)

Edit: *grumble* i've got one small suitcase which looks like it may be just a little to small to hold the necessary stuff for a threeish day trip, and one large suitcase that would hold way more than i could possibly need =P
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