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Oh goddess

Someone has come up with something even more annoying than commercials.

I stried hunting down some online radio stations today, since i'd heard that a lot of them are getting back online again. I started listening to one of my local radio stations, and everything's going fine, then it gets to a commercial break, and they cut from the regular program.

I was half expecting this, since it's the way that other channels have got around the commercial copyright thing. The previous station i listened to just replaced the commercial with dead silence, which can be a little unnerving when you've been listening to nothing for a few minutes and then it suddenly cuts back into the regular broadcast.

So this new station cuts out of the normal broadcast, and instead of silence it goes into a badly recorded commercial for something or other. It sounds like it was made in someone's garage using crappy recording equipment. This isn't _too_ bad i think, i might prefer this to total silence since i'm already used to ignoring commercials. However after this first badly done commercial it goes to a series of recordings saying "ClearChannel Worldwide, we will return to the stream shortly" and "We will start streaming again soon, ClearChannel Worldwide" and similar things, with the occasional bad joke thrown in, "ClearChannel Worldwide, a stream that you don't need those annoying hip boots for."

Argh! I was going insane after about 15 seconds of this and took the headphones off. I may check again in five minutes to see if it's returned to an actual broadcast. The silence was far _far_ preferable to this.

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