DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I got the keys to my new apartment yesterday. Spent a little time looking it over now that it's empty and been cleaned and such.

The good:

It's certainly pretty large, discounting the second bedroom i think it's at least as large as my current apartment. It also uses the space a little more efficiently. I've always thought having a hallway between the front door and the living room was a little silly.

It would be a pretty good layout for large groups of people, though that's not really very useful since for most sets of people i could be hanging out with it would make more sense to go over to jmpava and coraa and ceph's place.

The bad:

The layout of the apartment is screwing with my intuitive and entirely uninformed sense of feng shui. I want to have my bed in the opposite corner from the bedroom door with the head and left side against or at least near a wall. However if i do that the room will be much wider than it is long which is just weird. I'm also a little weirded out that most of one of the walls is taken up by a large set of doors leading into a large closet, which has another set of large doors leading into the hallway. If you actually took both sets of closet doors out there'd be practically no division at all.

Unlike the first apartment i looked at in that complex this one is right above the busier of the two streets it's on. It's probably going to be quite a bit noisier then any other apartment i've been at. I wonder if there's any way to improve the seemingly poor soundproofing of the windows. The balcony also looks out onto a church that's almost directly across the street, which i find kind of disturbing.

I'm not quite sure where to put the cat pan. The rest of the apartment is pretty large but the bathroom is kind of narrow and kind of goes around a corner and only half of it is tiled.

There's no stairs directly from the second floor to the courtyard that i've noticed. Maybe there is across the other side, i'll have to check, but the stairs nearest my apartment lead out into the lobby so you have to unlock the first floor door to get in.

The most unfortunate part is the parking. I've got an assigned parking space but it's in a garage, with a manually raised and lowered and manually locked garage door. Stopping my car and getting out to open the door every time i come home, and stopping the car and getting out to close the door every time i leave, just seems like a huge pain and a great opportunity to lock myself out of my car =P I'd just say screw it and leave the door up all the time except that i share the garage with one other person. I wonder how much of a hassle it would be to just do street parking.

The ugly:

The carpet. When i looked at the apartment before it had pretty normal tannish carpet, but they decided the carpet needed replacing and the results are... unfortunate. Maybe it's just because i haven't gotten the electricity switched on there yet so i could only see it by what light filtered in from outside at 5:30-6:00 in the evening, but it's a brownish color that seems to be several shades over into the dark and depressing area. It also feels kind of weird in bare feet.

I'm also not especially pleased with the curtains, i wonder how feasible, and how expensive, it would be to replace them with the hanging plastic slat type that i've gotten used to.

(And if it seems like the bad column is longer than the good one it's because a lot of the good stuff has either already been mentioned or is too fundamental to be worth going over. Well, that and probably my whole dislike of change in the stable portions of my life trying to creep up on me.)

We also played the last game of the softball season yesterday (well, hopefully the last anyways, they're threatening to make us replay a game that was either forfeited or rained out, depending on who you ask.) Only ten people showed up so i got to field, and did miserably =P

I managed to miss several fairly easy opportunities to get an out when we were fielding. I even managed to miss two opportunities on the same play =P I was at third base for the first half, and once the ball came straight at me and medium high. I got my glove up but it was a little too high for me, though if it's thought to jump just a little i could have gotten it. Instead it kind of rolled over the top edge of my glove and kept going. But that had killed a lot of its momentum so that the person behind me managed to grab it and throw it at me as someone was heading over from second, but i just plain missed catching it =P

There was also another play where i was at third base, a runner was coming at third base from second and the ball was coming at third base from the outfield. I couldn't figure out how to get in front of the ball without running into the runner, so instead the ball and the runner collided =P Unfortunately hitting the runner in the leg with the ball doesn't count as an out and by the time i'd managed to recover it it was too late to throw it home. So for the second half(?) of the game i decided to go out to right field where i wasn't able to do quite as much damage to my own team.

I did get two RBIs though. (I can't remember what RBI stands for though, i was just told that was what i did =) Both times i was at bat i hit the ball and then get out at first, but someone else got home while they were dealing with me.
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