DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I'm trying to get my cable modem bill set up to pay online. Finding where to go on the website was a pain. There was nothing on the front page, so i went to the customer service page. Nothing there either, so i tried a couple subpages of the customer service page. The "other resources" link was lots of fun, in that it didn't actually seem to connect to anything, and i then spent a couple minutes loading the page up in IE to make sure it wasn't a firefox issue, and then checking the other links on the page to see if they worked. Lots of amusement, no wait, that was frustration.

I finally checked the FAQs page, which had an "Online billing" page, which had a "Can I view/pay my bill online" page, which actually had a link to the login page for doing stuff with your account =P

Of course then i had to register my account since i'd never used it before. It asked me for my account number, specifically asking me not to enter spaces because their programmers suck, except they didn't specify that last part. I put my account number in and hit okay, which led to a page asking me to confirm my identity. It displayed my account number and name, and said that if the above information was correct i should provide the following information, account number and phone number. What?? So i copy/pasted the account number i was confirming into the space for the account number i was providing, which worked. I'm not sure if i would have been more or less amused if it had turned out they were asking me for a completely different and unspecified account number.

Edit: And totally unrelated to the above, i just saw a commercial for Pan's Labyrinth on tv for the first time. It's interesting that the commercial focused about 90% on the fairy tale side of things while almost entirely ignoring the spanish civil war side. In fact i think that's how most of the media i've seen about it has portrayed the movie. In retrospect that probably relates to why my only (minor) negative feeling about the movie is that there were fewer fantasy segments than i was expecting.

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