DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I am silly. I was feeling kind of crappy today so on the way home i stopped by GameStop and got Guitar Heroes 2 :) Now i'm busy going through career mode instead of all the other stuff i should be doing :) (Packing, writing an LJ entry about new year's, playing FF12) Got through five songs so far and gotten five stars on all of them. Of course these are the easy songs and i'm only playing on medium so that's a lot easier to do. I wish there was a hard setting that didn't make you use the fifth key. I want something harder than medium but as soon as i try to start coordinating four fingers between five buttons it all falls apart =P I was also annoyed that i got through 16 of the 18 parts of the encore for the first section without missing a single note, and then totally screwed up and got 90% and 60% on the last two sections =P Oh, and Judy Nails is cute :)

Edit: I hate level 7. Level 7 is dumb. I got three stars at all the songs on level 7. Except for YYZ! Yay Rush! I got five stars on that one :) And not only is the song awesome of course, it's the encore song, which for the opening the giant death figure that's sitting in the background for the first three songs starts attacking the city (that was also in the background) which blows up and then a giant squid comes out! And then death and the giant squid dance to YYZ! Yay Rush!

I've unlocked all kinds of stuff now, a lot of bounus songs including the Trogdor song :) Unlocked a whole lot of guitars and finishes, and got Judy Nails bonus costume, which isn't as cute as her first one =P
Tags: music, silly, video games

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